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"As a decade-long happy subscriber, I was reading the GCOR October 2017 issue. I was very pleased to see it's brand new look.

Few points to mention:
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(2) The charts are looking much better with the current size into the page.
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And as always, excellent subjects in every issue. Brilliant work Mr. Powell!"

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"I looked over my notes from the meeting last November and was very impressed by your performance on the stocks you suggested. Out of the twenty stocks you suggested, two are up 10%, five have doubled, two have tripled, and one is down slightly."
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"I am a subscriber since 1987 and I followed your recommendations with success (sic) and profit. I read that you are making clients tours and I hope you will extend these tours also to Europe, where you will have undoubtly (sic) also friends and specially to my country. In advance I give you a cordial welcome here. You are a prudent and honest adviser and I should like to continue with reading your writings. If you can do that, which fee you intend to let me pay?"
"I just subscribed for the first time in October and after reading your archives I was most impressed at your accuracy. Thank you for your time, advice and brilliant newsletters."
"James Powell has done a great job of identifying those sectors that investors should focus their attention on for growth in the coming decade."
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