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Never before has our great country been as imperiled as it is today. Not even WW-2 was as big a threat to America as the problems we now face. The way we react to the challenges will determine our success, or our failure, as investors.

No single problem that America must deal with is insurmountable. We can find solutions to the slow economy, Medicare, Social Security and other under-funded obligations.

We can even handle increasing competition from China, high energy prices, soaring healthcare costs, the falling dollar, poor job and wage growth, and the soaring national debt.

I'm also confident that we can deal with America's serious social problems, including our growing army of angry youths, our population's rising incivility and diminished civic spirit, and the rising demand for entitlements. I think we can even reenergize our discouraged population that believes tomorrow will be worse than today.

As tough as these problems are, none of them are beyond fixing. However, we are getting them all at once – and their combined weight is overwhelming our resources.

America is starting several years of disruption that will change our economy and our culture in ways most people can't imagine. The turmoil will have the biggest impact on the lives and finances of Americans who don't know what's coming, much less what to do about it.

Loving the newsletter Jim. … it is my favorite of all we take. I mean it. If we had to only pick one letter, Martin and I both agreed that we would keep yours. It touches on so many important aspects of our lives and financial decisions. – Josh Newman, Raymond James, Atlanta

As the greatest economic bubble in history deflates, we can also expect a dangerous public backlash that has been building up for years. Therefore, protecting your personal safety is becoming just as important as protecting your assets.

I'm struck by the parallels between our situation today and similar periods in the past. In each case a few people saw what was coming while there was still time to protect themselves and turn the events to their advantage. That's true once again.

The first step is to accept what we already know in our heart of hearts: much of what is happening in America and the world is unsustainable. Big changes and opportunities are upon us. My guess is that you have already come to this conclusion.

Recognizing today's challenges is giving my subscribers a big head start over the masses who are waiting for the government to fix everything. As is always true during disruptive periods, people who think and act independently can prosper while others see their lives and finances turned upside down by events they didn't see coming.

Jim Powell has the best financial newsletter, bar none. – Richard Maybury, Editor, U.S. & World Early Warning Report

Unlike most Americans, my subscribers understand the critical issues that are reshaping our country and the world. We are taking steps to protect ourselves from the new threats and profit from the many new opportunities that are developing.

We refuse to be butterflies in the wind. We are creating our own futures for ourselves and our families.

I hope that you will join our group of independent thinkers who are determined to remain safe and prosperous during the difficult period that is getting underway.

Best wishes,

Jim Powell